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Wyoming Medical License

David Ivaniuk • 24 August 2023 (updated)

License Requirements

  • FCVS Packet
  • Examination Scores
  • Postgraduate Training Verification
  • NPDB Self-Query
  • Background Check
  • ECFMG Certification
  • 3 Physician References
  • Average Processing Time: 3-4 months

Training Requirements

  • 7 total attempts on USMLE or COMLEX in 7 years
  • 2 years Minimum Postgraduate Training Required (1 if current ABMS or AOABOS/BOC certification, or continuous licensure in good standing in 1 or more states and/or D.C. for the preceding 5 years.)
  • 7 years (8 years if in combined DO or MD/PhD program)

Wyoming Board of Medicine

Wyoming Medical License Application

The medical licensing process in Wyoming involves multiple steps and can be complex. This comprehensive guide aims to simplify the process for aspiring physicians and physician assistants. From application to renewal, we cover all the essential information you need to navigate the Wyoming medical licensing landscape.

Physician License Application in Wyoming: Step-by-Step Process

  • FCVS Profile: If you don’t already have a Federation Credentials Verification Service (FCVS) profile, start creating one as soon as possible. If you already have one, request that it be sent to the Board of Medicine.
  • Uniform Application: Complete the Uniform Application (UA) in its entirety and submit it to the Board of Medicine. Ensure that your Social Security Number is included on the UA before submission.
  • Additional Documents: Print, review, and mail the Board of Medicine Instructions and Addendums.
  • Application Fee: Pay the $400 application and initial license fee. This fee includes the cost of one National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) report, one criminal record check (if necessary), a temporary license (if granted), and the initial license valid through the next June 30th.

Fee Structure

  • Standard Application: $400 ($250 for persons holding a current T-2 license)
  • Interstate Medical Licensure Compact: $325
  • Paper Form Processing Fee: $50

Physician Assistant License Application in Wyoming: Step-by-Step Process

Online Application: Visit the Board of Medicine website to complete the Physician Assistant Application online. Pay the $200 application fee by credit card (covers the cost of a temporary license and an active PA license).

Required Documents: Print the following forms and complete them:

    • Physician Assistant Affidavit
    • Citizenship and Alien Status Declaration Form
    • Physician Assistant Education Verification Form
    • Physician Assistant Reference Questionnaire Instructions and Form (three copies)
    • Supervising Form(s) (if applicable)

For both physicians and physician assistants, certain documents must be requested directly from the source and submitted directly to the Board. These include:

  • Verification of graduation from an accredited program
  • Verification of certification from relevant national bodies
  • Three reference questionnaires on Board-provided forms

Wyoming Medical Board License Renewal

Both, Physicians and Physician Assistants need to complete 60 hours of continuing medical education (CME) during the 3-year period preceding license renewal.

$155 for annual renewal, $25 paper form processing fee for physicians, $80 for annual renewal, $10 paper form processing fee, $50 grace period surcharge for PA-Cs

Physicians holding a WY controlled substance registration must complete at least one hour of CME related to responsible prescribing of controlled substances or treatment of substance abuse disorders in the preceding two years.

Wyoming Telemedicine License

Physicians providing medical diagnosis or treatment to patients in WY must hold a license issued by the Board of Medicine, irrespective of the physician’s location. However, out-of-state physicians may consult with a state-licensed physician for up to 12 days in any 52-week period without requiring a Wyoming license.

Wyoming Medical License Lookup

The Wyoming Medical License Lookup is an essential tool for verifying the credentials of healthcare professionals practicing in the state. To access the Wyoming Medical License Lookup, visit the official website of the Wyoming Medical Board. This is the primary source for licensure verification and is updated regularly to provide the most current information.

The system allows for two types of search queries:

  • License Number: If you have the specific license number of the healthcare professional, you can enter it to get direct results. This is the most accurate way to confirm licensure status.
  • Last Name: Alternatively, you can search by entering the last name of the healthcare professional. This method is useful when you do not have the license number but know the name of the individual. Keep in mind that this may yield multiple results if there are professionals with similar names.

Wyoming Medical Licensing Service

Navigating Wyoming’s medical licensing process can be complex and time-consuming. That’s where MedicalLicensing.com comes in. We start by assessing your credentials to ensure you meet the Wyoming Medical Board’s criteria, saving you valuable time.

The paperwork for medical licensing can be overwhelming, but we’ve got you covered. Our team handles all document preparation and submission, so you don’t have to worry about it.

We also coordinate with the Federation Credentials Verification Service (FCVS) to verify all your qualifications and submit them to the Wyoming Medical Board.

Our proactive approach includes regular follow-ups with relevant agencies to expedite your application process, aiming to get you licensed and ready to practice as quickly as possible.

MedicalLicensing.com offers a streamlined, one-stop solution for healthcare professionals seeking a Wyoming medical license. From eligibility assessment to status updates, we make the process smooth and stress-free.

FAQ About Wyoming Medical Licenure

  • How do I apply for a medical license in Wyoming?
    To apply, complete the FCVS and UA applications, pay the required fees, and submit all necessary documents. The board will then review your application and conduct a background check.
  • How long does it take to get a medical license in Wyoming?
    The average processing time is between 10 to 20 weeks, depending on whether you have an existing FCVS profile.
  • How much is a medical license in Wyoming?
    Physicians will have to pay $400 for the initial license fee, Physician Assistants — $200.
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