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Nebraska Medical License

David Ivaniuk • 28 June 2023 (updated)

License Requirements

  • Medical School Verification and Transcripts
  • Internships/Residency/Fellowships
  • All Medical Licenses
  • ECFMG CVS Report
  • Fifth Pathway and ECFMG Exam Chart (if 5th Pathway)
  • FBI Fingerprint Clearance
  • Average Processing Time: 3-4 months

Training Requirements

  • NE Accepts FCVS
  • 4 attempts+ at each USMLE Step or COMLEX Level
  • 1 year, 3 years IMG Minimum Postgraduate Training
  • 10 years to complete USMLE or COMLEX beginning with the date the first Step/Level is passed

Nebraska Medical License Application

Physicians, PAs, and nurses wishing to practice medicine in Nebraska need to obtain a license from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). This guide will help you understand the requirements and process, as well as the options for telemedicine and license lookup.

Nebraska Medical Board License Renewal

In NE, a medical license remains active for two years, expiring on October 1 of every alternate odd-numbered year. To renew, you must:

  • Pay the renewal fee which is $121 for doctors, $110 for PAs, and $123 for nurses. Fee waivers may be possible under specific circumstances, for example, if you are a young professional, a low-income individual, or a family member of military personnel.
  • Fulfill ongoing competence requirements with at least 50 hours for doctors, 100 hours for PAs, and 20 hours for nurses. If you prescribe or dispense controlled substances, you must complete a relevant course.
  • Submit documentation proving malpractice insurance, a clean criminal record, or absence of disciplinary actions.

Missing the renewal date results in the expiration of the license and prevents practice until it is reinstated or reissued. It also incurs a daily administrative penalty of $10, which can add up to $1,000, alongside possible further disciplinary actions.

Nebraska Telemedicine License

To offer telemedicine services in Nebraska, practitioners must adhere to the Telehealth Act and other relevant regulations, as well as hold a valid medical license from either NE or a state that has a reciprocal agreement.

The Telehealth Act mandates the following:

  • Supplying the patient with detailed information about the telehealth service, like the advantages and risks, provider’s credentials, and confidentiality rules.
  • Securing signed consent or verbal agreement from the patient before beginning the telehealth service.
  • Keeping a record of the telehealth service and providing it to the patient’s primary care provider if asked.
  • Upholding the standards of care and ethics for your profession.

For those participating in the NE Medicaid program, reimbursement for medically necessary and appropriate telehealth services is available. Compliance with Medicaid’s billing guidelines and the use of correct codes and modifiers is a must.

Nebraska Medical License Lookup

To look up a Nebraska medical license you can use the HHS online license verification tool. You can search by name, profession, license number, city, county, or zip code.

The tool provides information such as:

  • License type, number, issue date, expiration date, and status
  • Provider’s details, such as name, address, phone number, email address, and specialty
  • Provider’s qualifications, training, certification, and accreditation
  • Any disciplinary actions, complaints, malpractice claims, or sanctions about the provider

You can also print a portable, wallet-size card of your license from this tool.

Nebraska Medical Licensing Service

For those seeking assistance with their Nebraska medical license application, MedicalLicensing.com can streamline the process. We have assisted thousands of doctors, PAs, and nurses in obtaining their medical licenses in Nebraska and other states.

To begin, simply fill out a form. You’ll receive a quote and a checklist of necessary documents and information. Once submitted, we’ll handle the rest, updating you about your application status.

Let MedicalLicensing.com expedite your Nebraska medical license application and facilitate your transition to Nebraska. Contact us today and start practicing in no time.

FAQ About Nebraska Medical Licenure

  • How do I apply for a medical license in Nebraska?
    The process involves submitting an application form and fee, alongside various documents to verify your education, training, licensure, exams, background, and insurance. You can find the application form and instructions on the department’s website.
  • How long does it take to get a medical license in Nebraska?
    Generally, you can expect your license within 60 to 90 days following the department’s receipt of your application.
  • How much is a medical license in Nebraska?
    For initial physician licensure, NE charges a fee of $300, with a $121 renewal every two years. PAs will pay $150 and $110 respectively. However, the overall cost of a medical license may increase due to fees for credentials verification, a criminal background check, and professional liability insurance. These charges may vary depending on the service type and source.
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