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We streamline the entire licensing and credentialing process for MDs & DOs in all 50 states.



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Our friendly team of proven experts offers a wide range of services to help busy Providers like you with the state medical licensing process. Our number one mission is to make healthcare more accessible by streamlining the state medical licensing and credentialing process.
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  1. Initial State Medical Licensing
  2. License Renewal
  3. Licensing by Endorsement
  4. Licensure Maintenance
  5. Training License for Residents
  6. Interstate Compact Licensure
  7. Foreign Graduates Licensing
  8. FCVS Set Up and/or retrieval
  9. Expedited State License (limited states)
  10. Controlled Substance Registration
  11. DEA Registration

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Our team of highly rated experts strive for nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction. As proven industry professionals, you can be sure that you are in good hands.

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What is Covered by Our Services

Eligibility Check
Our team confirms all state requirements, to ensure you are eligible for a license.
Initial Application
Upon your approval, your Licensing Specialist will complete your entire application and submit it to the state.
FCVS Completion
We will complete the FCVS profile on your behalf and send it to the applicable state(s).
Credential Verification
We will request and verify all 3rd party credentials that are required by the medical board
Background Check
We will help you arrange the background check and provide you with step-by-step instructions.
Notary Assistance
Our team will help you notarize necessary forms, either online or in-person
Medical Board Follow-Ups
To expedite processing, your Licensing Specialist will regularly check in with the medical board.
Weekly Updates
Your assigned specialist will update you on a weekly basis, to confirm the status of your licensing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply? What does the process look like?
    You can apply through this website or by calling our office. We require a CV to get you started. Our team will fill out the application on your behalf, submit it to the board and perform all necessary 3rd party verifications required by the Medical Board. We will also assist you with the Background check and Notary of your documents.
  • How long does the application process take?
    In a majority of the states, the application process can take anywhere from 1 to 6 months. We will be able to provide you with a more accurate timeline for your specific state at the time of your Free Consultation.
  • Are the state Medical Board fees included in your fee?
    Unfortunately, medical board fees are not included in our service fee due to large differences from state to state. Pennsylvania application fee can cost you $85 while California is $1,299. You will be billed for the state medical board and verification fees separately once your application is completed and approved by you.
  • What is required from me during the licensing process?
    Our team handles the majority of the legwork on your behalf. You will have to provide us with the initial information such as your CV, as well as complete the background check and sign or notarize the necessary forms.
  • Do you help foreign graduates?
    We work with hundreds of foreign graduates every year. Our team will help you with the entire application process. We will utilize the FCVS for your medical school verification. If the FCVS is not able to obtain it, you will be responsible for supplying that verification to the board. Everything else will be handled by Medical Licensing on your behalf.
  • Why should I use MedicalLicensing.com?
    Our team has fine-tuned our systems and processes throughout multiple years of business. It’s what we do every day, 365 days a year. We are here to take the time-consuming (and often stressful) legwork out of the picture for you. Instead of dealing with the complex licensing regulations that vary from state to state, you can utilize our expertise to your advantage and save time, money, and mental bandwidth. Simply put, we will handle the paperwork while you focus on what matters most.
  • How do you ensure my information is secure?
    We use state of the art HIPAA credentialing software to store your information securely on the cloud. No one else has access to your information except the person that is working on your file and the Supervisor. We can permanently delete your information once the license is approved per your request.
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Telemedicine License from a Reliable provider of Licensing Services

Getting a telemedicine license might be complicated. While providing telehealth services is absolutely legal, telehealth licensing requirements vary depending on your location. To receive a telemedicine license, you need to read all the requirements, submit the required papers and to perform many procedures related to licensing. If you provide services to patients residing in several states, the licensing process might become too complicated.

With us, you can get your telemedicine license within the shortest time. We guarantee its compliance with all the applicable laws and regulations. The entire procedure is fast and efficient. We do all the licensing paperwork for you, to save your valuable time for your patients.

Telehealth Licensing Service Saves Your Time

With MedicalLicensing.com, getting a telemedicine or telehealth license is easy. To request our service, fill in a special form on our website. Here, you can get:

  • Your first telemedicine license, compliance with telehealth licensing requirements;
  • Telehealth or telemedicine license renewal;
  • Full-stack credential services, and similar services.

You don’t need to go personally to the offices of the licensing bodies. You submit the needed information and your CV to us, and we manage all the procedures for you. We guarantee a positive result within the shortest time.

Telemedicine License Requirements to Get a License Fast

Restrictive licensure laws request physicians to get a license to provide telemedicine services. These laws and telemedicine license requirements vary from one state to another. Some practitioners might serve two or more states. It might be very expensive and troublesome to get the licenses to work in all the needed locations. Here, our services are very useful.

We have studied all of them carefully to provide you with the most efficient telehealth licensing service. With us, you don’t need to worry about paperwork, permissions, meetings, and similar. You provide us with the required documents (they may vary depending on where you need the licensure), and we will handle all for you. We follow all the applicable laws to ensure a speedy and efficient application process.

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