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Oregon Medical License

David Ivaniuk • 16 July 2023 (updated)

License Requirements

  • Medical School Verification and Transcripts
  • Examination Scores
  • All Internships/Residency/Fellowships
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Employment and Privileges past 10 years
  • All State Medical Licenses (past/present)
  • AMA or AOA Profile
  • ECFMG/5th Pathway
  • Average Processing Time: 3-4 months

Training Requirements

  • OR Accepts FCVS
  • 3 attempts at USMLE step 3/COMLEX level 3. 4th attempt after an additional 1 year of postgraduate training. Waiver if ABMS/AOA certified.
  • 1 year, 3 years IMG Minimum Postgraduate Training Required
  • 7 years to complete USMLE or COMLEX

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Oregon Medical License Application

Applying for a medical license in Oregon is a significant milestone for healthcare professionals looking to provide their services in the state. It’s a process that demands dedication and meticulous attention to detail, but with the right preparation, it can be efficiently managed.

The journey toward obtaining an Oregon medical license starts with the completion of professional education and training. Physician Assistants (PAs) should graduate from a program accredited by the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA). For nurses, successful completion of a nursing program approved by a recognized state board of nursing is a prerequisite.

Next, applicants need to pass the relevant examinations. Once these prerequisites are met, the final step is the actual application to the Medical Board. 

This step involves filling out an online form where the applicant will provide personal information, professional references, proof of education and training, a criminal background check, and evidence of citizenship or legal status. Additional documents specific to the profession may also be required.

Oregon Medical Board License Renewal

Medical licenses must be renewed regularly to ensure that healthcare professionals remain up-to-date with evolving medical knowledge and practices. Each profession has specific renewal requirements, including varying amounts of Continuing Education (CE) or Continuing Medical Education (CME) hours, and unique renewal fees.

Physicians: Physicians in Oregon are required to renew their licenses every two years. To do so, they must complete 60 hours of Category 1 CME in the two-year period leading up to the renewal. This must include at least 1 hour of pain management and/or palliative care or 6 hours of medical ethics and/or professional responsibility. The renewal fee for physicians in Oregon is $745.

Physician Assistants (PAs): Oregon PAs must also renew their license biennially. To renew, PAs must complete 100 hours of CME in the two years leading up to renewal, 50 hours of which must be Category 1 CME. The renewal fee for PAs in Oregon is $267.

Nurses: Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) in Oregon renew their licenses every two years. They are required to complete seven hours of CE, with at least one hour of CE in end-of-life care. They must also affirm their completion of a minimum of 960 hours of practice in nursing over the last five years. The renewal fee for RNs and LPNs is $179.

Oregon Telemedicine License

The practice of telemedicine in Oregon is guided by ORS 677.139. To engage in telemedicine you must be licensed to practice medicine in OR. The law does not provide for a distinct telemedicine license; instead, your existing Oregon medical license allows you to practice telemedicine within the bounds of your licensure.

Certain exceptions to this rule apply, such as in emergency situations or when an out-of-state physician is consulting with an OR-licensed physician. Furthermore, an out-of-state physician or PA who has an established relationship with a patient temporarily in OR can provide direct medical treatment to that patient.

Oregon Medical License Lookup

The Medical Board’s online license verification system allows for easy and accurate confirmation of a professional’s licensure status in Oregon. To use this system, the professional’s name or license number is needed.

The system provides a comprehensive report that includes the licensee’s name, profession, license status, issue date, expiration date, any disciplinary actions, and reported malpractice claims. The Medical Board directly updates this system, ensuring the most accurate and reliable data.

Expedite Oregon Medical License

If you’re looking to expedite your medical license in Oregon, you might qualify for the Expedited Endorsement program. This program allows you to bypass some primary source verification of your core credentials, like your medical school or residency evaluation, if you meet certain criteria.

Key requirements for Expedited Endorsement include holding a license in another state, eligibility for primary source verification of core credentials from the state where you were originally licensed, good standing in all states where you are currently or previously licensed, no significant malpractice claims, and one year of continuous, active clinical practice immediately prior to applying or retirement one year or less before applying.

To apply for Expedited Endorsement, an online application form and fee must be submitted to the Medical Board.

Oregon Medical Licensing Service

At MedicalLicensing.com, we ensure a trouble-free process when securing or renewing your medical license. Our services cater to your specific needs, whether it’s initial applications, renewals, verifications, or a streamlined licensing process.

Our seasoned team is adept at navigating the complexities of the medical licensing process, ensuring your application is correctly completed and submitted within the required timeframe. Trust your paperwork to MedicalLicensing.com and shift your focus to patient care. We’re committed to delivering a swift and efficient licensing process, saving you invaluable time.

FAQs About Oregon Medical Licensing

  • How do I apply for a medical license in Oregon?
    For practicing medicine, osteopathy, or podiatry in OR, a medical license from the Medical Board is necessary. The board demands the completion of an accredited education program in your field and passing the national exam for your profession. You also need to submit an online application form with the application fee and various supporting documents, such as your transcripts, exam scores, identity proof, photo, fingerprints, malpractice history, etc.
  • How long does it take to get a medical license in Oregon?
    The usual timeframe for securing a medical license in OR is around 8 – 12 weeks post-application submission. However, this duration may extend based on factors like your past work history, licenses held in other states, territories, districts, or countries, etc. Applications are processed in the order received.
  • How much is a medical license in Oregon?
    For a physician license, the application fee is $423, while registration fees are $576, totaling $999. For physician assistants, the application fee is $293 and the registration fees are $452, making a total of $745.
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