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Ohio Medical License

Medicallicensing Team • 6 November 2023 (updated)

License requirements

  • Medical Education History & Postgraduate Training
  • Education History Since High School
  • Training Program Certificate
  • Military Experience
  • Exam Scores

Training requirements

  • Requires FCVS
  • 10 years to complete USMLE or COMLEX
  • 5 attempts a USMLE Step or COMLEX Level
  • Minimum Postgraduate Training: 1 year & 2 years IMG

State Medical Board Contact Info

Ohio Medical License Application

Applying for an OH medical license is the initial step for healthcare professionals who wish to work in the state. The application procedure is simple; you go to eLicense and complete an application accompanied by a $305 non-transferable fee. The Medical Board will conduct a preliminary review of your application within 10 business days, and then you will be capable of checking the status of the application by logging in to your eLicense account.

Physician assistants in OH have to go through an identical procedure, however, they must apply to the Ohio Board of Physician Assistants. This involves completing application forms, providing supporting documentation, submitting payment fees, passing a criminal background check, and more. All applicants must disclose all criminal convictions, even minor misdemeanors.

Being upfront and honest about any prior convictions is essential, as the Medical Board takes this matter seriously. Failing to disclose any convictions could result in the denial of your application, so it’s best to be transparent and address potential issues upfront to avoid complications in the licensing process.

Medical Board License Renewal

Medical license renewal is required every two years in OH to maintain active status. The State Medical Board sets the renewal fees for physicians at $305.00. If you miss the renewal date, late fees rise to $405.00, and restoration fees rise to $505.00. Additionally, transaction fees are $3.50.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) is also required for license renewal. If your renewal date was October 1, 2019, you needed to complete 100 hours of CME, with at least 40 in Category 1 or Category 2. For physicians with renewal dates on January 1, 2020, completing at least 50 hours of Category 1 CME is strongly encouraged.

Ohio Telemedicine License

Healthcare practitioners interested in conducting telemedicine in OH should be aware of the fact that the State Medical Board demands them to be licensed to practice in the state. This implies that if you want to provide telehealth services for patients in OH, you need to have a valid medical license in the state. In addition, if you reside outside of the state and wish to offer telehealth services to OH residents, you must be licensed by the State Medical Board.

To apply for an Ohio telehealth license, visit the State Medical Board website and follow the application process outlined for medical licensure. The application will comprise your credentials, education, and professional experience. It is crucial to remember that the telehealth license application procedure could vary from that of a conventional medical license.

Ohio Medical License Lookup

You may easily check a medical or nursing license in OH by using online tools. The State Medical Board website provides a license lookup feature that allows you to search for a license using the physician’s name, license number, or practice location. Similarly, the Board of Nursing website includes a license verification feature that allows you to look for a nursing license by name, license number, or social security number.

Additionally, you can use the eLicense Center to look up an individual or a business. This centralized online platform allows you to search for various types of licenses, including those for medical professionals and businesses. With eLicense, you can view a licensee’s information, such as license status, issue and expiration dates, and disciplinary actions, if any.

Expedite Ohio Medical License

If you are a physician who wants to operate in OH but already has a medical license from another state, you may be eligible for an accelerated licensing procedure. OH is a member of the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact. Utilizing the IMLC and applying for an expedited Ohio medical license can streamline the process and potentially allow you to start practicing sooner.

Apply for an expedited OH medical license through the eLicense system. The total fee for an expedited licensure application is $1,003.50.

Ohio Medical Licensing Service

MedicalLicensing.com is a reliable licensing service provider that assists healthcare professionals in obtaining their licenses in OH. Our knowledgeable team understands that the licensing process may be challenging and lengthy, and we are committed to making it as simple as possible for our clients.

We offer personalized assistance to physicians, physician assistants, and other healthcare professionals, helping them navigate the licensing process with ease. Our knowledgeable staff guides you through the entire process, from completing the application to providing the required paperwork, and we work relentlessly to guarantee that our customer’s licensing requirements are completed. You may be confident that MedicalLicensing.com will provide you with excellent support and service for your medical license application.

FAQ About Ohio Medical Licenure

  • How can I apply for an Ohio medical license?
    By completing an application online at eLicense.ohio.gov and paying a $305 nonrefundable application fee.
  • How long does it take to obtain an Ohio medical license?
    The Medical Board generally conducts an initial review of your application within 10 business days. Following then, the processing time will vary based on the intricacy of your application and the workload of the board. On average, it takes around 2-3 months.
  • How much is a medical license in Ohio?
    Submitting your application to the Board will cost $308.50 and you’re looking at about $829.50 in total to get a medical license. If you’re applying as a physician assistant, you’ll be spending $403.50 on the application process instead.
  • What are the Continuing Medical Education (CME) requirements for Ohio medical license renewal?
    For license renewal, physicians with renewal dates on October 1, 2019, are required to complete 100 hours of CME, with at least 40 hours in Category 1 or Category 2. For physicians with renewal dates on January 1, 2020, completing at least 50 hours of Category 1 CME is strongly encouraged.
  • Can I practice telemedicine in Ohio with an out-of-state medical license?
    No, you cannot. The State Medical Board requires healthcare providers to hold a valid Ohio medical license to provide telehealth services to patients within the state. This is true for both local and out-of-state providers.
  • How can I expedite an Ohio medical license?
    If you already have a medical license in another state, the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC) may allow you to go through a shortened licensure procedure. This can significantly speed up the process of obtaining an Ohio medical license. Apply for an expedited license through the eLicense system. You can also use third-party medical licensing services. We have experience working with the Ohio Board of Medicine and can assist in speeding up the licensing process by organizing application papers and ensuring that all essential documents are presented correctly and on time.
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