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Wisconsin Medical License

David Ivaniuk • 18 July 2023 (updated)

License Requirements

  • Medical School Verification and Transcripts
  • Examination Scores
  • Postgraduate Training Verification
  • FSMB Board Action Report
  • All State Medical Licenses
  • AMA/AOA Profile
  • NPDB-HIPDB Report
  • Employment/Privileges past 5 years
  • Jurisprudence Exam
  • Average Processing Time: 3-4 months

Training Requirements

  • WI Accepts FCVS
  • 3 attempts at each USMLE step/COMLEX level
  • 2 years Minimum Postgraduate Training Required
  • USMLE Step 3 shall be passed within 10 years of the date of passing Step 1

Wisconsin Medical Board Contact Info

Wisconsin Medical License Application

Obtaining a medical license in Wisconsin requires navigating through certain procedures as defined by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) and the Medical Examining Board (MEB). Prospective applicants must satisfy prerequisites related to education, practical training, and examinations.

To facilitate the application process, prospective physicians can utilize the Uniform Application for Physician State Licensure (UA). This comprehensive application can be filled out once and then forwarded to multiple states. Here are the steps to apply:

  • Start by creating an account on the UA website and filling out the UA form. Provide details about your personal, academic, professional, and disciplinary history. Upload supporting materials such as educational transcripts, certifications, and reference letters.
  • Select Wisconsin as one of the states where you wish to secure a license. You will then be redirected to the Wisconsin online license application portal. Here, import your UA data and complete the instructions specific to the state and supplementary documentation. Respond to queries related to your planned practice, malpractice insurance, and health status. Sign the consent and application affirmation forms.
  • The application fee of $60 must be paid.
  • Finally, submit your application and wait for a confirmation email from DSPS. This email will contain a 10-digit PAR number that you can use to monitor the status of your application through the License Application Status Lookup tool.

Wisconsin Medical Board License Renewal

For those already possessing a Wisconsin medical license, the renewal process is mandated every two years to uphold their right to practice. Physicians are required to renew their licenses by October 31 of every odd year. Renewal involves submitting an online application and paying the associated fee: $60 for physicians and PAs, and $57 for nurses.

Wisconsin physicians must complete 30 hours of AMA PRA Category 1™ and/or AOA Category 1 CME credits per licensure cycle. The Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services mandates these 30 Category 1 hours every two years, approved by the AMA, AOA, and ACCME. Further, physicians are required to undertake two hours of approved continuing education on responsible opioid prescription. Multiple courses can be combined to accumulate these two hours, provided they feature on the approved list. Exceptions to this rule include physicians without a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration number to prescribe controlled substances.

PAs and nurses must also fulfill the requirement of 30 hours of continuing education every two years. These hours must be pertinent to their respective practice scopes and approved by the corresponding boards.

In case of reactivating licenses from inactive or retired status, additional fees and particular continuing education requirements apply. Applicants must submit a reactivation application and demonstrate current competency.

License renewal can also be processed through the UA website for those utilizing the Uniform Application for physician state licensure.

Wisconsin Telemedicine License

Providers wishing to practice telemedicine in WI must hold a valid WI medical license unless they qualify for an exception. Exceptions include:

  • Consultation exemption: Providers with a license from another state can consult a Wisconsin-licensed provider without needing a WI license, given the consultation is sporadic and not frequent.
  • Border state exemption: Providers licensed and practicing in a neighboring state (Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, or Minnesota) can offer services in WI without a WI license. This is permitted as long as the services are occasional and do not exceed 10 days annually.
  • Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC): Providers licensed in a state participating in the IMLC can apply for an expedited license to practice in another participating state, including WI. The IMLC is a consortium between 29 states and the District of Columbia designed to streamline the licensure process for physicians seeking to practice across multiple states.

Wisconsin Medical License Lookup

There are several means to conduct a Wisconsin medical license lookup, contingent upon your needs and preferences. The following options are available:

Credential/License Search: This is the official portal of the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS), responsible for regulating the medical profession within the state. Here, you can search for a healthcare provider by profession, credential/license number, last name, first name, or organization name. The advanced search function allows you to filter results by city, county, zip code, or status. You can access the website here.

DSPS Physician: A dedicated page on the DSPS website provides resources and information for physicians and physician applicants in WI. Here, you can learn about the license application process, renewal prerequisites, continuing education, disciplinary actions, and other subjects pertinent to the medical profession.

Expedite Wisconsin Medical License

The standard timeline for obtaining a Wisconsin medical license can range between 4 to 6 months, depending on the accuracy and completeness of the application and verification of credentials.

Various methods are available to expedite your Wisconsin medical license, depending on your specific circumstances and needs:

  • Applying for a temporary credential: Healthcare providers with valid credentials in good standing from another state may apply for a temporary credential to render services in Wisconsin while their application for a permanent Wisconsin credential is pending. The temporary credential is valid for 180 days or until the permanent credential is issued, whichever comes first.
  • Using the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC): Providers licensed in a state participating in the IMLC can apply for an expedited license to practice in another participating state, including Wisconsin. You need to satisfy the eligibility criteria to apply through the IMLC.

Wisconsin Medical Licensing Service

At MedicalLicensing.com, we offer a comprehensive and efficient service for medical licensing to physicians, PA-Cs, and nurses. Whether you’re a seasoned professional seeking license renewal or verification, or a newcomer looking for a streamlined licensing process, we’re here to provide tailored solutions to suit your needs.

Our expert team has in-depth knowledge of licensing procedures across various states. With us, you can trust that your application will be carefully prepared and will meet all deadlines. As you focus on your patients and providing healthcare, we ensure that your licensing journey is swift and smooth.

FAQ About Wisconsin Medical Licenure

  • How do I apply for a medical license in Wisconsin?
    To apply for a Wisconsin medical license, you can utilize the Uniform Application for Physician State Licensure (UA). The UA serves as a universal application form that can be used for licensure across several states. You need to complete the UA only once and then direct it to any additional states you wish to apply to. The UA data can be imported into your Wisconsin license application, leaving only the state-specific instructions and addendums to be completed. More information about the UA is available on the Federation of State Medical Boards’ website or the DSPS Physician page.
  • How long does it take to get a medical license in Wisconsin?
    The timeline to acquire a medical license in Wisconsin depends on multiple factors, including the completeness and accuracy of your application, the verification of your credentials, and the board’s workload. Some sources suggest that the average duration is about 4 to 6 months. However, the time taken may be shorter or longer for some applicants.
  • How much is a medical license in Wisconsin?
    The application fees for medical licenses in Wisconsin are $75 for MDs, DOs, and PA-Cs, and $72 for nurses.
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