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Frequently Asked Questions

About us
Where is the MedicalLicensing.com Headquarters?

The company is located in Panama City, Florida. Our experts are equipped with skillful and efficient knowledge. We help Physician’s, Physician Assistant’s, and Nurse’s obtain expedited and accurate medical licensing in all 50 states.

What Differentiates This Company From Others?

Our team is full of dedicated and qualified experts that provide 100% accuracy, expediency, transparency, along with continuous consistency. With our advanced technology, we can utilize custom licensing systems that offer a seamless approach to obtaining and accelerating the complex medical licensing process.

How Many Years Has MedicalLicensing.com Been In Business?

The company originated in 2011. There has been an ongoing demand for affordable and accurate medical licensing services in all 50 states; this is where we come in.

What is an FCVS and should I use it?

For some of the states FCVS is a mandatory requirement. To better understand if it’s a good fit for you, click here to read the detailed article about FCVS.

About our services
Which Providers Have Used Your Services?

With a record of over 90,000 doctors that have used our medical licensing services, myriads of top reviews, and 8-years of 100% success rates; you can rest assured that MedicalLicensing.com can provide you with a long list of providers that have successfully utilized our advanced technology and licensing experts to achieve state licensing in no time!

What Security Measures Do You Use to Protect My Personal Data?
Security is a number one priority at MedicalLicensing.com. We do not share personal data with third-parties. The licensing expert working on your application will have access to your information; once the documents are submitted and completed, the specialist will lose access to the previous files. If you choose to use our services in the future, we can recover your data, this way, you don’t have to fill out the forms that are initially needed.
What Professions Does MedicalLicensing.com Cover?
We help Physicians, Physician Assistant’s, and RNs obtain expedited medical licensing in all 50 states in the US.
What Is the Cost Associated with Nationwide Medical Licensing Services?
We base the fee off of a flat rate, this depends on your medical profession (Physician, Physicians Assistant, RN). A service fee is added along with a State Medical Boards and Credential Holders fee. Click here to view pricing.
Do the Services Cover International Medical Graduates (IMG’s)?
Yes. All IMG’s will be required to verify the medical school attended. Our medical licensing team will send detailed instructions and forms with the necessary steps. Click here to learn more.
About the state licensing process
What is the Application Process?
Once you upload your resume or fill out the intake form and pay the fees associated with the service, you will then be assigned a MedicalLicensing.com officer or Account Manager that will handle your application, they will be your first point of contact. A qualified licensing officer will stay in contact and will complete and submit the whole application on your behalf.
How is the Application Processing Time Expedited?
Our experts are equipped with innovative custom licensing software systems. With a skilled team of experienced professionals, we can manage high volume applications with efficient, accurate, expedited, and affordable coverage.
Is the Shipping and Handling Fee Included?
USPS Express mail service is the standard shipping and handling service we use. Overnight mailing service is available for those who request it in advance. All medical professionals will be liable for shipping and handling costs associated with supporting documentation, this includes license verifications, exam scores, medical transcripts, etc.
How Long Does the Licensing Process Take?
The medical licensing timeline may vary per state and profession. For more information regarding your application and processing time, call us at 800-849-2168.
What Is My Responsibility In the Application Process?
Lucky for you, we handle 99% of the medical license application process. Although, you will be responsible for signing, notarizing, and getting fingerprints (if requested). Our telemedicine licensing experts will let you know the necessary steps to complete your application that will yield a 100% success rate.
How to Get Started?
To begin, upload your resume by clicking here or fill out an online application today. Get your healthcare licensing today, choose your state here.