What Is an FCVS and How Can You Benefit from Using It

The Federation Credentials Verification Service [FCVS) is an essential tool for physicians when applying for medical licensure. It helps physicians to maintain a repository of all essential verified documents, from diplomas to a list of hospitals they have received credentials in. This is extremely valuable for physicians since verification is often difficult, costly and time-consuming. By utilizing FCVS, physicians can avoid the hassle of assembling all documents every time they need to be licensed or credentialed.

The FCVS is a service implemented by the Federation of State Medical Boards [FSMB], a non-profit organization comprising of the 70 state medical and osteopathic regulatory boards within the US, its territories and the District of Columbia. The FSMB created FCVS to provide hospitals, medical boards, and other health care entities, such as insurance providers, with a record of physicians’ core credentials.

What is an FCVS profile?
An FCVS profile will serve as your primary-source of verified credential. These verifications are kept in a permanent portfolio which can be accessed anytime by you or the designated boards for the purpose of state licensure or professional memberships. The following are the core credentials included in an FCVS profile:
-Your Identity
-Verification of your Medical education
-Verification of your Postgraduate training
-Graduate medical education records
-Licensure examination history
-Exam scores
-ECFMG and/or Fifth Pathway
-Board actions
-American Board of Medical Specialties Certification

Creating an FCVS Profile
To create your FCVS profile, you may visit www.fsmb.org and accomplish the new user registration process. It will take you only a few minutes to fill out the necessary information