Why you should apply for a second Medical License Immediately

Never put all of your eggs in one basket
Let me kick this article off by saying that you should never put all of your eggs in one basket, especially when it comes down to your income and your family wellbeing. As a Doctor, you are constantly vulnerable to patient complaints, which may resolve in a bigger issue like board disciplinary actions or malpractice cases. It is a very risky game to bet all of your income on one state Medical License and then hope for the best. As a smart healthcare professional you should consider insuring your income and job by getting a second medical license in a bordering state, therefore if any issues arise you can always get another position in a different state.

Even if you have a medical license registered in the state you currently live in, applying for another is a plan you should start considering. Before you dismiss the thought, think about the different situations you may end up in because of your career path. The medical field is full of uncertainties and surprises, and you should be 100% ready.

A Second Or Third Medical License Secures Your Future
With the flexible plans offered by most insurance companies, you can insure a reasonable portion of your life, such as your car, house, and income. Unfortunately, a physician cannot directly protect his/ her medical license.

Having only one medical license puts you in a vulnerable place. Life can be a big roller coaster, and you’ll never know when or how things may turn out for you. Some states such as Texas, have very strict rules and harsh punishments for different physician-related cases. Being subject under investigation of the medical board leaves you unemployed and financially disabled.

On the other hand, if you register as a medical doctor in the nearest state, the financial flow and security will continue.

Why You Should Start Applying Now
It’s not advisable to wait for a drastic situation before you start applying for a license in another state. Think of it as having insurance. You insure your future by having multiple sources of income at hand. If a problem arises with one license, and you must undergo investigation, you can quickly start working in another state using another medical license.

In addition to this, undergoing a different state’s license application process while undergoing an investigation in your current state may tamper with your chances of getting approved.

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