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At MedicalLicensing.com, our number one mission is to expedite and facilitate the medical licensing process from beginning to close in the state that you plan to practice in. Our services are always tailored to the individual.
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Physician License
Our licensing experts submit state medical board applications and all of the required documentation, including references, undergrad and medical school transcripts, along with any other forms and credentials requested.
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Physician Assistant Licensing
We submit your application, additional documentation, and credentials to the appropriate medical licensing boards, whether you are a Physician or Physician’s Assistant.
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Nurse Licensing
With innovative and in-depth research, we follow-up on documentation verification and always implement ongoing communication with the State Nursing Board. We will help you obtain your state medical license faster!
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Corporate/Bulk Licensing
Are you an independent company or a large corporation? At MedicalLicensing.com, our experts will tailor custom solutions and utilize advanced licensing software that ensures you will receive your healthcare license in the state you choose in a fraction of the time.
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Telemedicine Licensing
This license is highly sought after and may be difficult to obtain. At MedicalLicensing.com we help Physicians retrieve telemedicine licensing in all 50 US states.
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Hospital Credentials/Privileges
Helping you obtain the appropriate credentials and manage the entire process, this way, as a Healthcare Professional you’ll gain your hospital privileges in return. Contact us today to learn more!
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Corporate/Bulk Licensing
Services include but are not limited to:
In-Depth Research
Our licensing experts thoroughly investigate and obtain your credentials, thereafter we verify them with the medical board in the state(s) relevant to you.
Application and Document Completion
Our licensing specialists complete the entire application process on your behalf. We fill out all of the required forms and applications that are needed to verify your credentials with the medical board.
State Board Verifications
We make sure to request medical school and undergrad transcripts, along with all of the other documentation needed to obtain a state medical license. We speed up the process with qualified efficiency, simply because this is our niche. We complete all paperwork on your behalf—99%.
Track Documents & Follow-Up
Not only do we track your application, but we also make sure to follow-up every time there is new activity. We also communicate with the medical board and other relevant facilities, this way, obtaining your credentials and delivering them to the appropriate board is efficient, expedited, and simple for you.
Continuous Updates
You will be given one file manager who will be your main point of contact. This licensing expert will provide you with real-time updates. Online support is offered 24/7.
Thorough Guidance
Although we cover 99% of the medical licensing process, there will be instances when fingerprints, signatures, and notaries may be needed. Your licensing expert will always inform you and will provide thorough and simple instructions.
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We know you’ve got a lot on your mind already, so when it comes to the price of our services, you don’t have to do extra thinking, wondering about hidden fees. We always provide you with a thorough breakdown of price estimates before we even begin working on your unique project. Our prices are always fair and always transparent.
Physician/Physician assistant $599/$549
Physician (Massachusetts) $875
Registered nurse $399
FCVS profile set up $199
DEA registration $99
Controlled substance registration $99
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